About Me

Hey there. This is Kristina. Dubai based photographer.

I’m comfortable with shooting Portraits, Love-story, and Visual arts. I don’t have intentions of forcing you to pose to look good, but I will be happy to guide you to look more natural without hustle.

The shooting atmosphere will be very light with unforgettable emotions.

First of all, you will be joining me to have fun, because it can’t be otherwise.

I believe that the most important thing for an excellent result is our common goals, vision, and efforts.

For the pictures, I will ask for your trust, because I do the color editing and very light retouch (when needed).

I’m supporting the nature beauty and won’t be changing your age or shape, just a little correction.

I love watching cartoons, listening (singing) to music, getting inspired from movies and supporting green life.

My life is pretty basic but full of adventures and surprises.

I always study something new (any subject) so its easy to discuss with me on any topic.

BTW, most of the pictures were accepted to different magazines, so you can be there too!