Important Information

How the shooting is going to be

You don’t need to know how to pose, because the picture becoming alive with natural emotions. We can create a scene or choose from existing (from my profile) and work on in together. I will always be there to guide you and give some advice. Any scene is interesting with you, and it can be eating ice cream, going to movies, cooking, riding bike or playing hide and seek. There is no barriers of creating your own movie and all your fantasies can come true, and don’t be afraid of being crazy with me. On the shooting you don’t need to care about what’s happening around you. Dance, run, jump, roll around, cry and do what ever you want, just be natural and give me more emotions.

How to dress up for the shooting

Very important topic how to choose your outfits and accessories! I prefer to have very simple and neutral colors without signages and I say NO to bright colors (depends on the scene). I create the style and colors that can match perfectly HERE (Pinterest). Dear Girls, I also don’t suggest having bright make-up and manicure and keep the natural hairstyle. It’s very good to follow the seasonal colors and comfortable shoes. If you will have difficulties with choosing the outfits ill to be happy to help.

Choosing time and date

Once you decided about your date, don’t wait and book me direct. I advise you to do the booking before 2-3 weeks. If you are planning to do the shooting outdoors or inside your house its better to choose the time from morning till sunset. I will try to take not more than 2 shootings in a day for us to have enough time to finish the scene. So be ready to spend minimum1,5 – 2 hours for the shooting + extra time to reach the location.

How you are going to receive the pictures

I’m always trying to give more pictures and in less time. But in general, it takes from 3 to 7 days (depending on the photo package). I am also a human, so I might get sick or any other reason can pop up, in case if you will not receive the pictures on time I will let you know the reason. I’m choosing the pictures by myself and the color editing is based on my vision. It will depend on the weather, your outfits and the location too. I stick to the natural retouch (as removing some defects from the face or extra items on the image). If you need Highly Retouched pictures the payment will be done to the professional. Edited pictures will be sent to you though the link which will be valid for 3 weeks, please download the images within that period of time.


I will be glad to help you with choosing the location, but before that, I will need more information about your likes. It’s best to choose 1 location for us not to be in rush, but it doesn’t mean that everything will be in 1 outfit. We will walk around and change the outfits. But still, the main thing in the shooting is not a location but YOU. I love taking pictures at home, nothing matters what you have there, I just need you and your emotions. When choosing the Studio for shooting pay attention to having natural lights and interior, or I can share with you the options.

Original Photos

I don’t share with you the originals because I want to have your trust with choosing the images and editing in my own vision. If you need the original pictures, please inform me before the shooting. And if you are planning to do your own editing on my pictures I would like to ask you not to share them under my name. Thank you for understanding! If you need the pictures direct after the shooting to edit them without color editing – please update me as well.

Advance Payment

I work only on a prepayment basis.  Prepayment is a guarantee that the photo session will take place on choosen day, and the date and time will be booked just for you!  Prepayment of 200 AED for any selected package. I will refund your prepayment if I will not able to shoot on the agreed date.

*Please note : All payments made via link are subject of 20AED processing fee