Fashion / Events / Visualising brand / Entepreneur



  • 2 hours
  • In the city (dubai / uae ) or nature (lake / desert).
  • Discussing about your outfits, location, and theme.
  • From 50 edited pictures in color or b&w with light retouch.
  • Ready pictures in 3-5 days.
  • Originals only by request before booking the shooting.
  • If shooting in studio the payment per hour is separate.
  • Every additional hour 1000AED (+20 pictures).

*Hiring a stylist, MUA, and renting props are with additional payment.


By ordering a shoot from me you give automatic consent to grant me the right to use the photos in my portfolio, on the website, social media, networks, for participation in photo contests and exhibitions, publications in magazines, for advertising purposes of the services, etc. If you are against the public use of the pictures, please inform about this when booking, before the photo session, in this case the shooting will be carried out on the terms of confidentiality with a charge of 15% to the selected package. By choosing me, you Agree to my shooting and processing style.


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